Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ARB Reading @AC

Every year that Landry has been in preschool, we have let her go and read to Landry's class. Landry has such pride in her big sister, that she could hardly contain herself! And of course, her friends think it is pretty neat to see Landry's big sister!

Landry chose the book that she wanted Ashton to read...such a great Sister Book!

When she first started at AC, she about half that size!

Love this memory for both of them! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ARB Persuasive Speech

Oh Ashton you make us smile!
She prepared persuasive speech trying to convince us she needed a a 5th grader!

I absolutely love when I find that the girls have hacked my phone to take selfies! I am not sure they realize that these pictures may come back to haunt them one day!

I mean hysterical and cute is this! The ruler was her pointer!

Yep...Daddy got it on video!

I really have no words. It was a great speech and put a lot of effort into it...but it didn't convince us that she needed a phone!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

I seriously cannot even believe our littlest is almost finished with preschool...which means that our time at Apple Creek is almost finished!!  We have had such great experiences for both girls there!

Pre-K Graduation came and it was super cute just as expected!
 The other Room Mom and I decided a "Rainbow Theme" would be perfect since they were singing a few color songs! Pinterest didn't disappoint when it came to planning the rainbow themed snacks. The parents in our class were so helpful and everything was adorable!

Our Big Pre-K Graduate...she was SO proud of her certificate!

Afterwards, she and I had a special celebratory lunch at he place of her choice. She chose Tin Star on the patio! It was such a fun lunch...I am really going to miss having lunch with my side kick everyday!

Here are a few pictures from the Pre-K Graduation Celebration...
Her sweet lil bud Mallory!

After having 2 awesome teachers leave after the first sememster, then having subs for a a few weeks...we weren't sure we were going to luck out with great teachers. Landry ended up loving Miss Natalie and Miss Diana!

Her 3 amigos who she has discussed she will be with them again in middle school. Left-Right : CJ (she has been with him since the 2's class), Eli, and Fletcher.

Addyson...we have also been with her since the 2's class!

Oh Miss we love her to pieces!!

And her first two preschool teachers....Miss Kathy and Miss Kristi! Loved them!

This little gem was a gift she made for sweet and precious!

She was so excited to show Daddy and Sis the video from her performance! 

What a day....Kindergarten, here she comes!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Texas Twist '02 in Coppell

Ashton's softball team played in a weekly league where they played double header games on Wednesday nights. She loved it and we always enjoy watching our girl do what she loves!

Over the course of the league...I tried to take a few pictures. With it being spring, we had some crazy days with weather.

The entire team loved going with Coach Broc to home plate for the coaches meeting.

Shortly after the game got started, the wind picked up and the sirens started going off so we had to clear the field and head for the pavilion. In softball, it is normal to wait it out to see what is going on and if the weather will pass safely so the game can continue.

You would think the sirens would freak the girls out...but instead our girls reacted like this:

by singing and dancing to a little song called "Little Sally Walker"

and posing for the camera! I was actually surprised Ashton was as calm as she was...she is always nervous during a storm or if the sirens go off. We never got any weather of any kind so we weren't sure why the sirens went off.

They composed themselves and got back to playing ball! As you can see, they had no fun what-so-ever!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I am such a blessed Momma! Not only do I have the best little girls in the world, I have a husband who truly appreciates all that Moms do! The three of them get so excited and love making sure I feel appreciated.

Mother's Day always starts with me getting to sleep in...I LOVE to sleep in and it rarely happens so I soak it in when I get the chance! While I am catching some extra shut eye, my three people are busy in the kitchen making a yummy breakfast...Daddy's french toast and bacon!!

After breakfast it is time for cards and gifts. Landry can hardly stand the waiting...she takes after her Momma! 

They know how much I LOVE the homemade gifts from them. It always makes Bobby nervous because he never thinks they will be very good, BUT I have loved every single one of them! I love that they work together to make something for me! The coupon book was filled with things like: free week of meal planning, a manio-pedi, extra hugs and kisses, I got to pick out a beverage dispenser (something I have had my eye on), and a few other neat ideas!

This little gadget made me really happy! We like to have salads at this little restaurant and they make your salad in a metal bowl and chop it with little metal thingy...they got me one and I love it!

After our relaxing morning, w got cleaned up and went to Central Market...we don't have one close but I have heard several people talk about it, so we went to check it out and get stuff to make for dinner.

These two girls are my world! I just love being their Mommy!

{Instagram Picture}When we got home, the girls gave me a pedicure...complete with a foot massage and everything! It was absolutely lovely and so cute!

We spent the afteroon in the back yard watching the girls play on the slip-n-slide...

It was such a perfect day! I love being their is the best (and hardest) job in the world! I am also lucky that I have so many Mommas in my life who help guide me and show how it should be done!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Field Day 2013

Ashton was so excited for her 5th grade field day. The fifth graders get to have their own actual "Track & Field Day" where her school competed against a nearby elementary 5th grade. She was also pretty tickled that Mamo & Papo's flight home wasn't until evening, so they were able to come watch her!

{Gia, Bella, Ashton, Lily, McKenzie, and Hayden}
{Ashton, Bella, Gia}

She had so much and said that she just might consider being on the track team in 7th grade. Now that 5th Grade Field Day is finished, they get to be helpers for the K-4 Field Day later in the month. She is pretty pumped to run a station for the "little kids".

A bonus to her Field Day was all the ribbons she brought home!

I can't believe her last year of elementary school is winding down and almost over. Where has the time gone?! This is crazy-town!!